Meet our people

Our staff is passionate about two things: cultural exchange and making the cultural exchange experience a successful one for both host families and au pairs. We invite you to meet just a few of our staff on our Senior Management, U.S. Operations, Placement, Customer Service, LCC Recruitment and Training and Au Pair Recruitment and Training Teams. As you can see, many of our staff experience the au pair program first-hand in their own homes!

Senior Management

Melissa Fredette: Executive Vice President
Natalie Jordan: Senior Vice President
Susan Robinson: Au Pair Answer Mom and Vice President of Communications

U.S. Operations

Samantha Janney: Vice President of U.S. Operations
Katie Reed: Vice President of U.S. Operations

Placement Team

Danajean Stewart: Director of Placement

Customer Service Team

Delaney Tyre: Director of Customer Service
Ann Wagner: Senior Director of Account Services

LCC Recruitment and Training

Jennifer Guarracino: National Director of Training