Preparing for your au pair

Once you make a final decision on an au pair, Cultural Care Au Pair will provide you with lots of helpful information as you prepare for her to arrive. Your local childcare consultant will also complete an interview with you in your home to make sure all of your questions have been answered, and you will always have access to a number of online resources.

Review important information

Cultural Care Au Pair makes important information available to you as soon as you have made the final decision on your new au pair.

Through your online account, you can access:

  • Information about your au pair’s home country
  • Your au pair’s travel itinerary
  • A copy of the U.S. Department of State program regulations
  • Cultural Care’s customizable Household Handbook with which you can create a set of guidelines to help your au pair understand your family rules, routines and emergency procedures

You will also receive a welcome packet from us in the mail with additional information and resources including:

  • A welcome letter with your au pair’s information and the contact information for your local childcare consultant (LCC)
  • Our Host Family Handbook that outlines your program responsibilities and shares insightful tips to help make your upcoming year a success
  • Our Daily Communication Log that offers an effective calendar format for you and your au pair to share information with one another during the week
  • Safety information for you to review with your au pair once she arrives

Complete in-home interview

Before your au pair arrives to your home, your local childcare consultant will also complete a family interview in your home, during which time she or he will answer questions and share advice for the year ahead.

Rely on resources online

In addition to these resources, we encourage new and veteran host families to take advantage of Cultural Care’s online resource center: InfoSource, designed to help answer your questions and provide helpful tools day or night. It can be accessed through our host family online accounts.

You can rely on support from staff in our Boston office both before your au pair arrives and during your year.