Families with multiples

Spotlight: The Kauffman family in Colorado

Host parents: Sharon and Dan
Host children: Oliver (11), Spencer and Harrison (8)
Host family since: 2006
Current au pair: Dynah from El Salvador

The Kauffman family didn’t even know what an au pair was when their twins were first born. What they did know was that at a special childbirth class for twins, the advice shared was “get as much help as you can afford”. So when their twins were born, they hired a post-partum Doula and a nanny until they met another family with multiples out on a hike. They suggested hosting an au pair. After researching the cost, the Kauffmans were astounded to learn how much money they could save by switching to au pair childcare. Their first au pair was Marcela from Brazil and since then they have hosted seven more au pairs from 4 different countries.

Biggest concern about hosting an au pair?

I thought it might be awkward to have a “stranger” living in our home and that we would lose our privacy. But having the au pair live with us has been one of the best parts of having an au pair! They really get to know our family and our kids and just how we like things done. Au pairs like to get out and spend time with friends so they are not around all the time during their time off anyway.

The best part about having an au pair?

I can adjust the schedule to be flexible week to week. I have the au pair work a split shift during the school year and in the summer she works full-time during the week.

Best advice for multiples families considering the program?

It is critical that you clearly communicate all your household rules from day one and provide an open environment for the au pair to ask questions and bring up problems, concerns or issues with the host family.

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