Our matching process

Cultural Care Au Pair is committed to helping you find the au pair who best matches your family’s needs and lifestyle—using an approach that works for you. We believe that the process of selecting an au pair is a collaborative one, and as a host family, you will be guided and supported by a dedicated placement manager throughout the selection process. She will speak to you about your family’s childcare needs, personality and special requests and customize the matching process to meet your timeline and preferences.

Personalized matching process

Cultural Care’s matching process is uniquely designed to suit your family’s needs. Every registered family has access to our online Search and Select functionality as well as a dedicated placement manager.

The largest selection of available candidates

Cultural Care Au Pair has the largest selection of available au pairs in the industry, from over 20 countries worldwide, and they all pass rigorous screening methods.

Search and Select

If you prefer to search au pair profiles independently, we encourage you to use  our Search and Select functionality online at your own convenience. This option allows you to search through hundreds of available au pair profiles and to express interest in specific candidates. You may select up to two candidates to reserve for up to 48 hours in addition to a primary candidate that your placement manager can reserve for you.

Never compete for a candidate

You will never compete with other families while you decide if a candidate is the right fit. If an au pair is placed in your account, you can use that time to make the best choice for your family without worrying about other families talking to her at the same time. If you have questions or need clarification regarding any details of a candidate’s application, your placement manager is there to assist you.

Phone interview

After you have carefully reviewed your prospective au pair’s application, the next step is to conduct an interview by telephone. Keep in mind that personality is often as important as childcare experience in determining a successful placement. You are also encouraged to contact the candidate’s references to discuss her qualifications.

The final decision is yours

Although all au pair candidates have been carefully screened, only you can choose the right au pair for your family. If you are unsure about a particular candidate, Cultural Care Au Pair will re-match you with new candidates until you are fully satisfied with your final choice.

Your au pair’s arrival

Once you have chosen an au pair and the match is finalized, we take care of the appropriate visa forms. We also make your au pair’s necessary travel arrangements from our Au Pair Training School in New York to the arrival gateway nearest you.

Our superior matching process is just one of the many reasons more families choose Cultural Care Au Pair than any other agency.