Year-long local support

One benefit of hosting through the largest au pair organization is the network of people working year-round on your behalf to maximize the success of your program experience. One of those people will be your local childcare consultant (LCC). She or he is a Cultural Care representative who lives in your community and provides on-the-ground support to area families and au pairs. Not only is she or he there to support you, but your LCC also serves as a mentor to your au pair throughout the year. Unlike other agencies, Cultural Care’s extensive network of local childcare consultants enables us to create a robust community of au pairs making transition to life in the U.S. even easier for your au pair.

Your local childcare consultant (LCC) has many responsibilities to your family during the year including:

  • Interview your family in your home
  • Conduct an initial orientation with your au pair and family
  • Hold monthly meetings for your au pair including seasonal safety units
  • Maintain monthly contact with your family
  • Provide advice on local educational opportunities
  • Invite you to two host family events per year
  • Give support and advice as needed
  • Conduct a mediation in the case of a dispute
  • Act as a liaison between you, your au pair, your placement manager and program director

Perhaps the most critical support you will receive from your LCC will be the interview, orientation and regular follow-up during the year.

Host family interview

During your registration process your LCC will visit you in your home to complete a host family interview. During this interview, your LCC will review the program regulations and ensure any questions you have are answered. She or he will also make sure your expectations are realistic and share tips for making your au pair year a success. Approving the au pair’s bedroom is also a necessary part of the interview and required by the U.S. Department of State.

Orientation upon arrival

Shortly after arriving to your home, your au pair will receive a welcome call from your LCC. Within two weeks, your LCC will arrange an orientation meeting with both you and your au pair. At this meeting, practical information will be discussed, including any initial adjustment issues and guidance on how to fulfill the educational component.

Regular contact

Your LCC will maintain regular contact with you to make sure things are going smoothly. Additionally, your au pair will attend monthly meetings held by your LCC. This is an important opportunity for your au pair to get updated program information and safety training, ask questions and make new friends. Contact with other au pairs helps to ensure an enjoyable and fulfilling year in the U.S. Several times a year, you and your au pair will receive email updates about program news and events throughout the country.

While your LCC will be your primary source of support throughout the year, you can also depend on year-long office support from Cultural Care Au Pair’s headquarters.