Year-long office support

While Cultural Care Au Pair offers you the security of a large organization, we also provide the personalized customer service that is so important. From the time you apply, through the matching process and during your au pair year, our staff is just a phone call away.

While your local childcare consultant (LCC) is almost always your first point of contact, there will be times when you will rely on the support of our office staff. Your in-office team of support consists of your placement manager, program director and our Account Services team.

Placement manager

Your placement manager is primarily responsible for helping you match with your au pair, and she’ll review your family’s specific needs and support you throughout the matching process. The level of involvement will depend on you. If you prefer that she look for candidates using the criteria you’ve shared, she will search for you and alert you once a new match has been placed in your account. However, if you decide to look for candidates on your own, she will be responsible for moving your preferred candidates into your account so you can interview them exclusively. Either way, our placement managers are experienced and eager to help in any way they can.

Program director

Your program director will oversee your matching progress and be in continuous contact with your LCC to ensure your year is a successful one. If your LCC is not available to discuss a matter unique to your family, your program director is available to step in and assist you.

Account Services team

Our Account Services team will be an invaluable help to you during your time as a Cultural Care host family. They can answer all general questions related to the program — big or small! They can also help you with questions related to your personal account including your registration, au pair match, finances, and more.

If you are confident that Cultural Care Au Pair is the right choice for your family, we encourage you to learn how to register.