Personalized matching

One of the biggest differences between au pair agencies is how they match families with potential au pairs. While other agencies throw you into a computerized matching system, Cultural Care Au Pair has fine-tuned our matching process over the years to make it as easy and stress-free as possible. Once you start Cultural Care Au Pair’s matching process, you can rely on the help of a dedicated placement manager, full access to our Search and Select functionality, and exclusive rights to candidates under review.

Dedicated placement manager

Regardless of how you choose to approach the matching process, you can always depend on the support of a placement manager throughout your search. Your placement manager can be very involved by finding au pair candidates for you based on your criteria, or simply act as a resource for help or advice. Even if you prefer to find au pairs on your own, we recommend taking advantage of your placement manager’s expertise. She can help you understand why certain candidates might be a better fit than others, educate you about our recruitment countries, provide a second opinion and more.

Exclusive rights to candidates

Unlike other au pair organizations, you will never have to worry about competing for au pair applications with other families. We ensure that families have exclusive rights to review au pair applications available in their online account. This allows you to look at your matches when the time is right for you, without worrying about other families reviewing the application at the same time.

In addition to personalized matching, Cultural Care Au Pair families can look forward to year-long local support.