Au pair training

Cultural Care Au Pair is the only au pair organization to provide au pairs training in a formal academic setting. We believe this is a crucial adjustment period for au pairs and want the four days of learning to be as effective as possible. Our training methods combine independent and group study to ensure each au pair is well-prepared for the year ahead.

Pre-departure assignment and workshops

Before leaving for the U.S. your au pair will complete a pre-departure assignment designed to supplement the material covered at the Au Pair Training School. She will also be invited to attend optional pre-departure workshops in her home country that engage au pairs in role-playing and communication exercises.

Cultural Care Au Pair Training School

When Cultural Care au pairs arrive to the U.S. to begin their year, they spend the first four days at our Au Pair Training School in New York. Located on the Oakdale campus of St. John’s University, the training school is the perfect location for our intensive training program designed to prepare au pairs for the year ahead. Our training school teachers are all veteran educators, with decades of combined experience. Small class sizes allow our teachers to give au pairs one-on-one attention and tailor the curriculum and group work to the ages of the children the au pairs will care for during their time in the U.S.

The training school curriculum and accompanying training workbook were developed in cooperation with The Children’s Foundation in Washington, D.C. Topics covered in class and in the workbook include: health and safety in the home, food and nutrition, common childhood illnesses, safety and emergency education, effective communication, ages and stages, and behavior management.

Red Cross Adult and Pediatric CPR and First Aid Training

Cultural Care au pairs complete the American Red Cross Full Service Training in which American Red Cross instructors present the adult and pediatric CPR/AED and First Aid certification program at the Au Pair Training School.

Upon successful completion, au pairs receive a two-year certification, and access to free online skill refreshers and free digital course materials.

Safe Driver Course

Cultural Care au pairs will also attend a classroom course on driver’s safety, also delivered by the American Red Cross, designed to familiarize au pairs with American driving laws, signs and protocols.

Continuing Safety Education Program

In addition to the training our au pairs receive at the school, Cultural Care Au Pair offers supplementary training to au pairs four times during their year in the U.S. Your local childcare consultant will facilitate safety units that are part of Cultural Care’s Continuing Safety Education Program (CSEP). These seasonal seminars supply au pairs with information on safety measures and injury prevention for children.