Au pair qualifications

As a parent, you want to know that your childcare provider has been carefully selected, screened and interviewed. You want to be sure that she not only has the right experience and skills but that she is joining your family because she has a genuine interest in children. Cultural Care Au Pair does our very best—through our rigorous screening process—to match your family with au pair candidates who have these criteria.

Cultural Care requirements

The very first step in the screening process is to ensure an applicant meets Cultural Care’s requirements, as well as those dictated by the U.S. Department of State.

To become a Cultural Care au pair, a person must:

  • Be 18–26 years old
  • Be proficient in conversational English
  • Enjoy children and have at least 200 documented hours of childcare experience
  • Have successfully completed her home country’s secondary education
  • Submit a detailed application including information about her childcare experience, education, family background, interests, photos, and a letter to her host family
  • Undergo a background check including multiple verified references and a criminal background check

While most of our au pairs are female, Cultural Care Au Pair is able to provide families with qualified male candidates as well.

Au pairs who will care for infants (children under age 2) must:

  • Have at least 200 documented hours of childcare experience with children under 2
  • Be at least 18 and turning 19 within the calendar year

Undergo careful screening

All applicants must successfully complete Cultural Care’s careful screening performed by Cultural Care recruitment staff. Once a representative has personally interviewed an applicant and judged her to be an appropriate candidate, she will join our selection of available au pairs.

Since Cultural Care Au Pair has the largest selection of candidates for you to choose from, once you begin the matching process, you are in the best position to find an au pair who meets all of your family’s needs.