Au pair screening

All Cultural Care Au Pair applicants undergo a multi-step screening process before being accepted to the program—ensuring you have the best candidates to choose from. In fact, less than 10% of the candidates who express interest in becoming an au pair with Cultural Care are selected.

Cultural Care Au Pair is the only au pair agency designated by the U.S. Department of State to recruit all au pairs through staff in Cultural Care’s own established offices worldwide instead of outsourcing recruitment to third-party agents. This provides full control and immediate visibility into the screening and preparation process in every recruitment country.

Au pair application

Cultural Care au pairs complete an extensive application including references from childcare experiences. Each au pair must also complete a personal letter to their future host family and a photo collage.

Screening & orientation meeting

All au pair applicants must attend a screening and orientation meeting in a city close to them. During this meeting, Cultural Care representatives spend several hours reviewing program requirements and expectations with interested candidates and their parents. This meeting plays a crucial role in managing the expectations of potential au pairs and answering questions for those sincerely interested in the program. An au pair who has recently returned from her year with an American host family is often invited to attend and speak about her experiences to offer a realistic idea of what life as an au pair is like.

Personal interview and English evaluation

After the information portion is complete, Cultural Care offices schedule time for personal interviews. When interviewing potential au pairs, Cultural Care representatives pay particular attention to characteristics that may not be apparent in an au pair’s written application like her motivation to spend a year as an au pair, maturity, flexibility and interest in cultural exchange. They also perform an English evaluation using strict metrics to ensure consistency across nationalities.

Reference and background check

When an au pair candidate successfully completes the screening and orientation meeting and passes the interview, Cultural Care Au Pair completes the screening process with a thorough review of each application. Cultural Care representatives also verify the applicant’s references.

In addition to reviewing the application and references the following is collected and verified:

  • Personality profile to offer greater insight to the qualitative traits of each candidate
  • Criminal background check
  • Documentation of completion of secondary education (or equivalent)
  • Valid driver’s license from the au pair’s home country
  • Certificate of health from a physician

Screening au pair applicants is one of the most important responsibilities that an au pair agency has. Cultural Care believes that this element cannot be outsourced to third party agents where consistency of training and staffing is difficult to control. With the unique set-up of having exclusive Cultural Care offices and staff in each recruitment country, Cultural Care host families can rest assured that each step in the recruitment and screening process is handled consistently and thoroughly resulting in the best-screened au pair applicants in the industry.

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