Program costs

Costs associated with hosting a Cultural Care au pair include our agency fees and the weekly stipend paid directly to your au pair. Click below to review the details of the fees paid to Cultural Care and the au pair.

Paid to Cultural Care Au Pair

Payment of the registration fee will allow you to register online, begin our personalized matching process and access our online database of available au pair profiles. Due at the time of registration.

Payment of the processing fee will secure your au pair match, allow us to process visa paperwork and reserve flights. Due upon final selection of your au pair.

Our program fee includes:

Families can choose to pay the program fee using our regular payment plan or our extended payment plan. Repeat families, please visit our Discounts page to learn how to save on your program fees with Repeat Family Rewards.

The domestic transportation fee varies based on your closest gateway. Click here for a full list of domestic transportation fees.

Paid to your au pair

The weekly stipend is paid by you directly to your au pair for 51 weeks, including two weeks of paid vacation. Please note: the weekly stipend is determined by the U.S. Department of Labor using a formula based on the federal minimum wage. Any change in the federal minimum wage will result in an increase in the stipend.

Paid to: varies

Depending on your family’s individual needs and the area in which you live, you should take the following variable costs into consideration:

  • Educational Component: up to $500. U.S. Department of State regulations require au pairs to take 6 credits at an accredited institution during this year. As a host family, you are required to pay up to $500 towards the cost of these classes.
  • Driver’s insurance: varies. If you require your au pair to drive, you must pay to have her insured under your family’s existing policy.
  • Room and board: varies. As families expected to provide their au pair with a separate bedroom and include her in family meals, additional costs are incurred.

Total annual cost: $18,353.25

monthly and weekly cost breakdown

1 The weekly cost is calculated based on 49 weeks of childcare, though the program is a total of 52 weeks (an au pair’s first week in the U.S. is spent at the Cultural Care Au Pair Training School and there are two weeks of paid vacation).

Cost comparison

One of the biggest misconceptions about the au pair program is that it is expensive. Many families are surprised to learn that not only is au pair childcare one of the most flexible forms of childcare available, but also the most affordable. Take a look at how the average weekly cost of Cultural Care Au Pair compares to other forms of childcare, including other au pair agencies who often charge extra for additional qualifications.

cost of au pair vs daycare or nanny

1 Based on the 2013 Cost of Care report by Child Care Aware of America for families living in major metro regions of the U.S. with two children (one 0 to 2-year-old and one 3 to 5-year-old).
2 Based on a 2012 salary and benefits survey distributed by the International Nanny Association.