Single parents

Spotlight: The Barlow-Schulman family in Massachusetts

Host mom: Melisa
Host children: Mark (age 9) and Anna (age 7)
Host family since: 2007
Current au pair: Cosi from Austria

Not only have they provided excellent care for her children since they were little, Melisa’s au pairs have given her children Mark and Anna a sense of consistency and stability during a time of great change in their lives. They have been able to adjust to their parent’s divorce, a move from the suburbs to the city and a mom going back to full-time work with the help of their au pairs from Germany, Colombia and Austria.

Before hosting au pairs, the Barlow-Schulmans had three Brazilian nannies. Hiring nannies was significantly more expensive than au pairs and Melisa found herself always wondering how long her nannies intended to stay. She found the cost of au pair childcare—and the fact that au pairs committed to a pre-determined time from the beginning—to be a better fit for her needs.

Another benefit Melisa likes is simply having another adult in the house—someone who can help drive her children to school and activities.

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